This beautiful mommy was a stray on the streets in Yuma.  With no home at the time she went into labor, she followed some kind people in their house and began having her puppies in the beginning of January!  Mama and her 4 newborn puppies then ended up in the shelter.  Once they were off of stray hold, they came to the ranch to have a place to call home for the time being.  Having to have her babies with complete strangers and being in a shelter was very scary for this sweet girl.  She is a fabulous mommy and is super protective of these beautiful babies!  She has settled in at the ranch and now feels comfortable.  She can now concentrate on taking care of her babies.  This beautiful family will be available for adoption in March.  Watch for updates on them!

Dogs Available Soon

~ Miniature Pinscher Mix Puppies ~

VJ Ranch

These little kids get cuter by the day!!

They have grown into fuzzy little morsels which are impossible to resist!  They are happy, fun, playful pups and are sure to bring a smile to your face!  There are 2 females and 2 males.  They are such little characters and haven't a care in the world!  They will soon be ready to begin their new lives with their forever families.  They are scheduled for their spay/neuter surgeries on Thursday March 2nd and will be ready to go then!  They are current on their puppy shots & deworming, are microchipped, and the adoption fee is $500 for your choice.