​~ Chihuahua Mixes ~

These cuties are now getting up and active.  They are just starting to walk and will soon be playing.  They are all doing well.  Mama is such a sweet girl to! 

These kids are getting so cute!  And they are such sweet babies and are so much fun!  They are happy, playful pups and are getting cuter by the day! 

~ Pug / Chihuahua mix puppies ~

These kids like ganging up on their mama and trying to take her down.  "Addie" is a good mama and plays well with them!  They soon tire out and she gets to rest (but don't be fooled....when she wants a break she just jumps out of the pen)! 

Well we're in trouble now!  These kids are up and running!  They are playing and terrorizing!  Kudos to mama who is doing such a wonderful job with these 8 adorable monsters!!!

These kids are getting to be so much fun!  They are playful and happy, and very entertaining!  It is quite difficult to stay focused when there is this much cuteness around! 

This sweet girl ended up in the shelter a week before her pups were to be born.  She also came in with 2 pups from her last litter!  She went to foster care until she could make her way up to the ranch from Yuma.  She gave birth on Oct. 25th (the night before coming to the ranch)!  She had 5 beautiful babies.  These sweet babies and mama will be available for adoption in December.  Her two pups from her previous litter also came to the ranch and are available for adoption now. 

This sweet little girl ended up in the shelter as a very pregnant stray.  She had the pups 2 days before getting here to the ranch.  The pups were born on Oct. 9th (and arrived here on Oct. 11th).  She had 6 beautiful babies but lost 3 by the time she got here.  The brown pups are 1 male & 1 female and the white/brown one is a boy.  These darling babies will be available for adoption in December.

Eventually they get hungry and eat..... and then they zonk out and mama can take a break!!

These 2 beautiful girls are some sort of 'Labradoodle type' puppies.  We are not sure if they are Lab, Shepherd, Rottweiler, or what but whatever they are, they could not be any cuter!  Their beautiful hazel-gold eyes will absolutely melt your heart!  They are currently about 8 weeks old and are on quarantine hold.  They will soon be spayed and ready to find their forever homes! 

VJ Ranch

Our baby girl!!!

This adorable little girl ended up in the shelter as a stray, with her 2 newborn pups.  She is such a sweet little girl and is a very good mama.  She weighs about 10 lbs. and is a mixed breed dog.  She came to the ranch on Jan. 3rd to raise her puppies.  She has a girl and a boy.  They will all be ready to find their forever homes sometime in March.  

​~ Large breed puppies ~

On Monday, October 29th, mama gave birth to 8 beautiful babies!  Mama and all 8 are doing great! 

This beautiful little girl ended up in the shelter as a very pregnant stray.  She is currently settling in here at the ranch just in time to get comfortable here before she has the babies (she got here on 10/25)!  She is between a small and medium sized dog.  She looks like maybe a Heeler/Chi mix.  She is very sweet and seems to be a really nice dog!  We will post pics of the puppies when they arrive!

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