After more than 2 decades of patiently waiting and 'making do', we are finally ready to begin planning and raising funds for this exciting project!  Our plans include the 'main house' (which will house the majority of our rescue dogs), a whelping room / nursery for our mamas & puppies, an isolation ward for those with contagious illness, and a quiet place for those needing somewhere to heal from  major surgery or injuries.  These facilities will include fenced yards to appropriately accommodate the residents.  We also plan to have an office which will include a cattery, to allow us to expand our rescue efforts to our feline friends!  We will have a separate meet & greet / play yard as well.  To finish off this incredible dream project, we will be adding an apartment and full-time care taker for all our rescue babies!

We need your help to achieve all of this!  We need help raising the funds & resources!  Even for those who are unable to donate, there are plenty of opportunities to help us raise the funds!  You can reach out to others for donations or help to organize fund raisers!  Let's get creative and fundraise with yard sales, restaurant partnerships, auctions / raffles, car washes or dog washes, bake sales, dog walks, and whatever else we can think of.  Let's get the kids involved (they always have great ideas).  Let's get the girl scout / boy scout troops involved.  Let's get your office / co-workers involved.  We all  have connections that we can utilize!  We will also be doing lots of fundraising events in the near future and will need help organizing and promoting them.  Let us know ideas you may have for fundraising.

We already have a savings account established for our project and just need to continue contributing to it.  We are going to wait on the GoFundMe idea until the majority of funds are raised.  We are also asking for checks, or bank account transfers, rather than utilizing PayPal or other platforms, which charge a fee.  We want 100% of every dollar to count towards the project so that we are maximizing the benefits to the animals, rather than giving it away as fees.  We are hoping to raise enough funds to begin this project in 2022.

This project is both tremendously exciting and a bit overwhelming, however, we know it is more than achievable!  This will allow us the ability to save thousands of more lives over the next couple of decades!  We also plan to implement outreach programs in the future.  It is time for us to assist pets & families, other than the 'VJ Ranch family'.  It is time to launch programs that will offer education to help reduce pet overpopulation and the need for rescue.  We are also inspired to create a program to assist those in need of service animals.  We are ready to begin this new journey that God is handing us the map to.  Will you join us as we embark on this journey?


Watch for upcoming events!

We are excited to announce that VJ Ranch Dog Rescue is planning to build new facilities at the ranch! 

VJ Ranch

Checks may be sent to:

VJ Ranch

45629 N. 6th St.

New River, AZ.    85087