"Romeo" is a 4 yr. old neutered male Chihuahua / Dachshund mix (He was born July 17, 2019) .  This sweet boy is looking for his forever home.   He has a nice temperament and a cute personality.  He can be a little shy of new people but he is very sweet natured!  He is very submissive in the pack and never causes any issues with other dogs.  He loves to sleep in bed and is a great cuddle bug!  He is housebroken and is good with other dogs and kitties.  He is current on vaccines, microchipped, and his adoption fee is $350.

~ A Special Little Girl with a Special Story ~

"Layla" is a 4-6 yr. old spayed female Puggle.  This sweet girl ended up in the shelter as a stray.  It was evident that she has not been 'part of a family' and has not been cherished as she so deserves!  She is a little shy at first but is not at all fearful or aggressive.  She needs to get into her forever family and realize that she is part of a family now.  She is going to absolutely flourish!  She has a gentle nature about her.  She is good with other dogs, kitties, and horses.  She has found her place in the pack at the ranch and does her best to remain neutral.  She is currently learning how to be a dog and is learning what it is to be part of a family.  She has a very sweet temperament and deserves the very best of homes.  She weighs 22 lbs.  She is current on all her vaccines, including rabies, is microchipped, and her adoption fee is $350.

To schedule an appointment to meet the dogs, email us or call (623) 465-4835.  We show dogs by appointment to ensure that we are available at the time of your visit.  Upon meeting the dogs, if you choose to adopt, there is paperwork to do at the time of adoption.  Providing the dog is spayed/neutered and ready to go home, they can go home the time of adoption.   

VJ Ranch

"Tucker" is a 1 year old neutered male Boxer / Terrier mix.   This handsome boy is so sweet and is a fun dog!  He has an awesome temperament and is an amazing pup!  He is looking for his forever family who will love and cherish him the way he so deserves!  He is a very sweet soul and a special little guy.  He is a medium sized dog and currently weighs approximately 25 lbs.  He is good with other dogs and has a submissive personality.  He is playful, loving and happy.  He is current on puppy shots, is microchipped, and his adoption fee is $350. 

"Jake" is a 2 yr. old neutered male Chihuahua mix.  He is a personable dog and loves to hang with his person/people.  He would make a perfect best friend for someone!  He is good with other dogs & horses, however, he is possessive of his food with other dogs.  He seems to be housebroken and is not a big barker.  He ended up in the shelter as a stray in Yuma.  He has no special needs; he really just wants to be someone's best buddy!  He would be up for doing whatever his person has planned.  He loves being outside enjoying the fresh air, as well as curling up next to you on the couch to watch a good movie.  He weighs about 15 lbs.  He is current on all his vaccines, including rabies, is microchipped, and his adoption fee is $250.  

"Mitzi" is a 6-7 yr. old spayed female Chihuahua mix.  This sweet girl ended up in the shelter in 2018 and was so frightened in the shelter.  She came to the ranch and settled in.  This has been her home ever since.  Hundreds of people have missed out on such a wonderful little girl!  Mitzi will stay right here if she never does find that special someone who needs her in their life.  She is housebroken and will use a potty pad.  She is good with other dogs & kitties.  She is current on her vaccines, is microchipped, and her adoption fee is $250.

"Cheeters" is a very special 10 yr. old spayed female Chihuahua!

This special little girl ended up in the shelter when her human could no longer care for her.  She suffered an autoimmune disorder which caused her to go blind in both eyes.  One eye had to be removed and she needed a dental as well.  This little girl is such a trooper and never allowed any of this to bring her down!  She is the sweetest little thing and is truly such a special baby!  She deserves the very best of homes where she will be loved and cherished!  She is good with other dogs & kitties.  She needs a home without a pool and will need to be in an environment which remains the same.  Once she learns her new environment, she will get herself around just fine, as long as the environment is unchanged.  She cannot be on a bed any longer for safety reasons.  She loves her doggy beds and curling up with a buddy, as you can see in the pictures of her and one of her buddies.  She had quite a few of her teeth extracted, however, she still eats dry food and requires no special diet.  She does use potty pads, however, much of the time she will not find her pads so she will require a tile floor that can easily be mopped up when needed.  She is a very happy little girl and just wants to be a buddy to someone.  She is a true blessing!