VJ Ranch

His first day at home learning his new routine and getting to know his new family!

The story of "Gus"

Here is what we had written about "Gus" prior to him finding his forever home.  We found him the home we were looking for!

This is one very special little guy!  He has certainly had a rough time until now, however, he is not special because of his circumstances.  He is special because of WHO he is!!  He is special because of how he has come through his rough start and who he remains to be, despite of it!  This little guy could not have a better personality or temperament!  He could not be any happier despite everything!  To meet "Gus" is a spiritual experience!  Most people can actually 'see his heart'!  We know this little man is going to change a lot of lives of those he is going to meet over his lifetime!  We are convinced that he has a calling!  He is one little dog with one big heart and a huge calling!  He has certainly made his mark on VJ Ranch!  There is someone out there that NEEDS "Gus".  We are determined to find you!  We saved "Gus" and now he is going to save a human!  We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, there is a soul that he is supposed to save!!

On December 3, 2016 "Gus" found his forever family and moved to southern Arizona to begin his new life!  He will be very loved, very well cared for and will be visiting senior citizens in assisted living!  This is exactly what we had in mind for "Gus"!

This was Oct. 26th, right after we got home from his surgery!  He is such a trooper!  He is only about 4 yrs. old and has his entire life ahead of him!  He is going to touch so many lives and make a difference to so many people!

This sweet boy was found wandering the streets of Yuma alone, scared and unable to see!  Turns out he was completely blind!  He ended up in the shelter where he was off the streets, safe and being fed.  His coat was badly matted and full of stickers.  It was obvious to shelter staff that he had suffered an injury to his left eye and would need it removed.  What they did not realize was that his right eye would also need to be removed.  It was matted shut and nobody could even see that eye! On October 20, 2016, he made his way up here to the ranch.  On Oct. 26th he had his surgery to have both eyes removed.  He did remarkably well and despite his situation he remained the happiest dog!  He was such an inspiration and a great reminder that life is always good.....no matter what!  He is such a happy, loving boy and has certainly made his mark at the ranch!  He is so special, and not because of his circumstances, but because of who he remains to be despite all of his challenges!  He is an amazing dog and we are so blessed to be part of his story!   

"Gus" attended a public event where several hundred people were.  This is just 9 days after his surgery!  He had people approach him all day and pet him!  He loved every minute of it!  There was a band playing, lots of activity and noise, lots of kids running up to his stroller!  He was SO happy to be there and have so many people to meet!  That's right!!  No eyes, lots of noise and he could not get enough!  This little guy is very special and is one of a kind!  He loves life and is as happy as he can be!  He loves to go bye bye in the car and hang out in a stroller!  What an amazing dog!! 

"Gus" made it home and settled right in.  It was a long day for him.  He was tuckered out and made himself right at home!  We love you "Gus"!