These are "Muneco's" teeth!  His gums are very inflamed and many of his teeth are deteriorated.  He seems to have bone loss in the front of his jaw as well.  This poor guy will most likely lose all of his teeth.  This has to be painful and we have to soften his food for him.  With everything, this little guy has such a great attitude and is always cooperative for us!  He is the sweetest boy and we are anxious to help him!  Please donate any amount you can!!

Over and above just rescuing dogs and puppies that will be euthanized, we also take in those who require extensive medical care and senior dogs who require some extra special care!  These medical bills add up quickly and these are pets that may never be adopted.  With some extra help from you, we are able to help more animals in need!  There is no donation too small and each and every donation HELPS!!  If you would like to help a specific animal, please earmark your donation with that pet's name.  Otherwise we go in order of urgency!  You may even set up a monthly donation through your bank or our PayPal button with a recurring donation, to help on a monthly basis with much needed items such as food!  Every dollar counts and we appreciate ALL donations!!  Thank you for any help which you may provide!  (You may mail, drop off in person, or use our PayPal button to make your donation)! 

Her incision is in her arm pit and is quite large.  It was just a fatty tumor however!  Her lab work came back GREAT and she is very healthy!!  She is healing up beautifully and will soon be ready to get her sutures out!

"Maggie" is a senior mixed breed dog.  She ended up in the shelter as a stray that nobody came to claim!  She sat there for weeks waiting and waiting!  Once she was in danger of euthanasia and nobody else had spoken for her, we decided she needed to come to the ranch!  So on June 4, 2015, she joined the 'VJ Ranch family'!  She is probably about 15 yrs old.  How a senior dog ends up in a shelter that nobody is looking for is always a mystery to us!   

 "Muneco" was so matted and his skin was so red from the mats pulling at his skin!  Really it was the least of his worries but he does feel much better now.  Now to raise some funds to help pay for his dental!

"Muneca" & "Muneco" are a pair of seniors  that were surrendered to the shelter when their owner fell ill.  They are Dachshund mixes.  "Muneca" is a female and "Muneco" is our sweet boy!  With nowhere else to go and time running out, we decided they needed us!  On June 25, 2015 they joined the 'VJ Ranch family'!   

"Muneca" & "Muneco"

VJ Ranch

"Muneco" is currently on I.V. fluids, antibiotics and pain medication.  He had a huge abscess on his neck that we lanced and drained (which is the blood on his leg).  We now have the abscess under control and are still working on the infection in his mouth.  As soon as we get the infection under control he will be going in for his preoperative blood work and dental (hopefully)!  He is an urgent case and we are asking for any donations towards his extensive medical care!  If you wish to donate to "Muneco's" medical care expenses, you may mail it, bring it by, or use our Paypal button.  Please be sure to earmark your donation as "Muneco"!  Thank you so very much!!  (He is scheduled for his dental on Monday July 27th).

Both of these sweethearts need extensive medical care and we could sure use your help with the medical bills!  "Muneca" has mammary tumors that she needs removed and biopsied!  Both need dentals and several tooth extractions.  Poor Mr. Muneco is our most urgent case at this moment!  He has severe gum disease and we believe bone loss from long term infection.  He will lose most of, if not ALL, of his teeth!  He was completely matted which we have shaved him down to the skin and will have to allow him to grow out a whole new coat.  That being the least of his worries, we need to get him in for a dental ASAP!  Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!  This little guy is the sweetest boy and deserves a new start!   


It is SO awesome to see "Zoe" walking around without that big tumor hanging between her legs!  Thank you to everyone who donated to her medical care!  We raised about one third of her expenses.  We thank you and "Zoe" thanks you!

On November 13th "Zoe" had her surgery!  She had the tumor on her chest removed, had a wart on her back removed and she had a dental with several extractions!  She is healing nicely AND she also has a home to go to! 

Sweet little "Mini"

"Mini" is a 1 yr. old female Italian Greyhound.  She was found wandering the streets of Yuma all by herself!  She was a little sack of bones, weighing just 6 lbs. and all her little bones visible!  She also had lots of ticks and her tick fever test showed a weak positive.  She needed to come to rescue to have time to put on some weight and be medicated for her tick fever.  This poor little girl was so scared to.  She is doing well and putting on weight.  She unfortunately also has several mammary tumors that she needs taken care of once she is at a healthy weight.  Watch for further updates on her!

~ Meet some of our current 'project' dogs! ~

We currently have several senior dogs that we have added to the pack!  Our senior dogs need extra TLC!  Most of them need dentals when we rescue them at the very least!  Some need special food and supplements.  All of our seniors are available for adoption, however, we realize when we rescue them that the probability of them being adopted is very slim and means that they may live out the rest of their days here at the ranch.  You may sponsor meals for one of our permanent residents to help as well by making monthly donations.   

We know that the chances of anyone ever wishing to adopt this sweet girl is a very slim one.  She will most likely spend the remainder of her days here with us.  She has chosen Anthony as her savior and does not allow him out of her sight!  She deserves a soft bed and lots of love for the time she has left and we will see that she gets that!  She also still needs to be spayed and will need a dental as well.  Of course, we will do all of it at one time so that she only be under anesthesia one time.  She will need preoperative bloodwork beforehand due to her age.  Anyone wishing to donate to her medical expenses may chip in any amount!  If someone would like to sponsor her meals, that would also be greatly appreciated!  You may donate monthly toward her meals/supplements!  Any and ALL donations would be greatly appreciated by us AND by "Maggie"!!   

New dog, new name....his name is now "Alfie".  He had his dental done on July 27th and is doing very well!  He, of course, lost a lot of teeth but we expected that.  He still has 7 teeth.  He is feeling so much better and it is so awesome to see him so happy and feeling so good!  We (and "Alfie") are so appreciative for all who donated to his medical expenses!  Now all he needs is someone to share the remainder of his life with.  He is such an amazing little guy and is so appreciative for everything!  He is so amazing!!   

"Zoe" is our most recent senior dog.  She found herself in the shelter when her owner ended up in hospice.  This entire story is so heartbreaking!  "Zoe" was scared and confused at the shelter where she stood no chance.  Her owner was spending her last days worrying whether or not "Zoe" would make it out of the shelter alive.  "Zoe's" time was ticking and as she sat waiting for a rescue to step up for her, we were watching her.  On July 30th she joined our family.  She does require some extensive medical care.  She has a tennis ball sized lump on her chest that she needs removed and she could use a dental as well.  As soon as she is done with her medical care, she will need a nice quiet home to relax in.  She is a wonderful dog and deserves to find a loving home to spend the rest of her years in.  She does not seem very happy here at the ranch as there are too many dogs here and they are not very nice to her!  Please spread the word about this sweetheart and help her find a home.  If you can help with her medical expenses as well, we would be very grateful, as would "Zoe"!